HDPE-100 Pipes


AIPOLY BROADPIPE is made from high-density polyethylene certified as PE100 in accordance with ISO 4427.

This material has proven durability with 10.0 Mpa or more at 20 degrees for 50 years by hoop stress(long-term hydrostatic pressure strength=MRS).

Our PE100 is certified by SNI 4829  and can be supplied from OD 20 to OD 800.

HDPE pipes for both straight and coiled with fewer joints and couplers are available.

In general, HDPE pipes have longer product life than that of Steel or PVC because of its high resistance to corrosion and being unaffected by environmental stress.

Characteristics of Material


Product Range

Select Diameter

SDR11  (PN16)  
Product Number Thickness Reference Weight
BLK20 2.0 0.12


SDR13.6  (PN12.5)  
Product Number Thickness Reference Weight
BLKB20 1.5 0.09


SDR17  (PN10)  
Product Number Thickness Reference Weight
BLKC20 1.2 0.08