CLEAN DUCT / Cosmetic Case for Air Conditioner Pipes


A wide range of accessories for Clean Duct makes it easy for installers to layout air-conditioning pipes beautifully and perfectly in any conditions.

The combination of our straight ducts and fittings is suitable for any split A/C system and can conceal, beautify, and protect any exposed linesets perfectly.


Product Features

1. Made from high quality raw material (PVC)

2. UV resistance.

3. Easy to connect.

4. Ivory and white color are available.

5. Stylish design.






LV Series (Ducts and Fittings for Indoor Use)






Clean Duct

Asymmetric Duct

Symmetric Duct

Wall Cover

Wall Cover (Simple)

Ventilation Wall Cover

Round Wall Cover

Ventilation Round Wall Cover

Universal elbow (Vertical&twisted 360°)

Universal elbow (Horizontal)

Universal elbow (Vertical)

Elbow (Horizontal)

Elbow (Vertical)

Mini Elbow (Horizontal)

Mini Elbow (Vertical)

45°Elbow (Horizontal)

45°Elbow (zvertical)


Variant Socket

Divergent Socket

End Socket


Corner Cap

Wall Cap


Twisted&Flexible Elbow

Twisted Elbow Socket

Twisted Elbow Joint

T-corner Elbow

Bridge Socket

Duct (LV series for indoor use)

Wall Cover (LV series)

Socket (LV series)

Elbow (LV series Twisted)

Elbow (LV series Horizontal)

Elbow (LV series Outside Corner)

Elbow (LV series Inside Corner)

45°Elbow (LV series Horizontal)