IPO TUBE ALIGHT & CONIC JOINT / aluminum tubes and fittings for air conditioners

Aluminum tubes for air conditioners have many more advantages than those of copper tubes.

1. Aluminum is lighter than copper and has lower thermal conductivity.

2. Aluminum is easier to cut / bend and can be used like copper.

Aluminum tubes, however, were hardly used as refrigerant tubes because of a risk of galvanic corrosion when connecting with other metals and the leakage of refrigerant gases after the flaring. (aluminum is softer than copper in general and thus, it is rather difficult to make a good shape flaring). However, all these problems can be solved by Conic Joint, an innovative flareless joint for aluminum tubes, developed by INOAC.


Product features of IPO- TUBE ALIGHT :

1. Light weight.

2. Can bend easily without kinking.

3. Very easy and simple installing.

4. 50M length per coil is available.

5. Flame retardant type is avaliable.

6. New refrigerant R410A / R32 compliant.

The price of copper has risen significantly in these days compared with that of aluminum. 

Many countries tend to change from copper pipes to aluminum pipes. 



Product feature of conic joint

1. No flare fitting. (easy and realiable two step tighting)

2. New solution to galvanic corrosion.(with water stop funcation)

3. No necessary for any special skill.

4. Metal seal & O-ring backup funcation.(No leakage)

5. Significan cost saving. (can be used as an alternative to copper pipes)




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